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Want to be part of something bigger? The Tessiant solution offers you a brand-new structure to make you more than just an independent consultant. With an assured network of independent consultants working together, sharing resources, ideas and smarter ways of working, you instantly become part of a wider team, whilst gaining access to on hand senior and partner support. Our network is focused on getting our people the best assignments, providing ongoing quality professional development opportunities and the chance to build a portfolio career.  Being a Tessiant Associate enables you to be part of something bigger, part of a team, our brand and future.

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With the right structure in place, you can be left to get on with what you do best, delivering. Our Associates gain an efficient back office operation, including a resource library full of documents and templates, access to a suite of systems and CPD to keep your training, skills and expertise up to date. When receiving an invitation to our private social network, you are welcomed into a world of like-minded consultants to interact with, ask questions to and learn from. Even better you have the opportunity to earn big rewards, through our fantastic referral scheme, should you refer or recommend an associate which we then place, or pass us a lead that results in a new client / project for us.  As well as exclusive invites to insightful events throughout the year.

This is a true consulting contract, and meaningful opportunity that will make a huge impact in creating your own consulting IP, in which we sell for you, whilst being backed up by an assured, professional network of people. It’s a chance to be part of a team and gain real support. To build something stronger together, grow our networks and deliver projects effectively and to time.


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Kate Spencer

Tessiant has been the ideal platform for me starting out as a new self-employed consultant. The support at every level has been first class. There is a real team approach here and it’s easy to share ideas and ways of working.


Peter Hewitt

I have been surprised by how open and accessible the senior team is to approach and share ideas. The company makes a huge effort to engage with the associates which is not something every consultancy tried to do.

Andrew Bisson

Tessiant is a consultancy managed and run by experienced and highly networked professionals. They operate at the top end of the consulting pyramid, offering great opportunities.

We empower ourselves and colleagues whilst working together and playing to our strengths.

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To obtain our high standards and top quality expertise, access to our network is invitation only. You must have worked on a project or programme for, or as a peer of, someone who is already in the network and then be recommended by them. You then must be interviewed, vetted and referenced.


From you we ask for nothing but your goodwill and support, alongside taking pride in playing such a key part of our brand. To interact and engage with other associates within the network, share your templates, best practice and ways of working through our private app. Whilst referring further experts to the network that you rate highly!