We specialise in 3 key areas, offering a unique mix of transformation, senior advisory and procurement capabilities. But our ability to deploy a range of skills from a junior analyst, through to an ex-CEO is what creates a real difference. Solving problems, igniting change and creating impact with theoretical synopsis plus practical real-world experience.



Project, Programme & Change Management

Providing experienced project, programme and change management comms capability, helping deliver critical and complex programmes, using business relevant methodology.

Process & Business Analysis

An extensive network of business analysts who bridge the gap between IT and business.  Assessing processes, determining requirements and delivering data-driven recommendations, helping translate business needs into deliverable solutions.

Technology, Digital & Data

Providing advice, strategy and implementation support to technology and data enabled change.

Organisational Design & Culture

From target operating models to organisational structures, helping define how the people, capabilities, processes and technology come together in your future way of working and provide the OD roadmap to navigate the change.

Programme Assurance

Providing independent assurance and review of implementation projects, covering not just the project progress, but also governance, links to the strategy and readiness for change.


Design, set up and management of programme office capability.


Real World Pragmatic Experience

We bring together senior industry advisors with a breadth of pragmatic industry experience; we get straight to the heart of the problem and offer innovative solutions based on real world experience.

Our team of global senior leaders offer independent expertise and guidance to help you determine the important questions you need to ask, to define the future, drive sustainable change and shareholder value, whilst allowing your business to react quickly in the age of uncertainty.


All of our senior advisors bring change and transformation experience to the table; in addition to their specialisms:

  • Business Transformation
  • Technology
  • Deal Coaching
  • Due Diligence
  • Restructuring
  • AI & Robotics
  • Supply Chain
  • Digital Solutions
  • People Change
  • Business Development
  • Commercial
  • Marketing & Branding
  • P&L Transformation



Using the latest spend analytics software we can profile GNFR spend, benchmark it against similar businesses and provide a basis for a further deep dive.

Deep Dive Analysis

Using the data from the discovery, we will analyse what the spend relates to, provide a view on whether this provides good value, look for common contractual issues that could cause problems and provide a report. Detailing potential cost reductions, liabilities to avoid, skills gaps and process improvements.

Cost Reduction

Using a hybrid model our procurement experts will provide options against the savings targets detailed in the deep dive. These can be used to switch supplier and take a saving or service improvement or form the basis for renegotiation with your existing suppliers.

Process Improvement & Upskilling

Our procurement experts will work with your existing teams to upskill around knowledge gaps, coaching and mentoring services and improving the buying processes.

Continuous Monitoring

Using the latest vendor management software we can continue to check in with your team to ensure that costs remain under control and contracts are standardised.

Large Deal Expertise

Our specialist procurement experts can assist you with large one off spend items which are outside of the procurement teams regular buying patterns. We have specialists in large scale IT, warehousing, engineering, store refits, waste and facilities transactions.

Extending our capabilities

We extend these capabilities through the partnerships we have built, to offer clients a more complete transformation service, combining business transformation with digital, data and technology.