Tessiant is a network of assured, professional associates

with a difference.

Want to be part of something bigger?

Are you an independent consultant looking to be part of a network? How about a consulting network focused on getting you the best assignments? Tessiant is a network of assured, professional associates with a difference.

the benefits

What we give our associates.

  • The back office and structure to make you more than an independent consultant.
  • A unique opportunity to be a part of a team, with the mutual desire to build something stronger together.
  • A sales function.
  • CPD to keep your skills up to date.
  • A resource library of documents and templates.
  • Real support, helping you to deliver projects effectively and to time.
  • We will listen and react to your feedback, comments and requirements.
  • The best of all, this costs nothing just your good will and support.


Kate Spencer

“Tessiant has been the ideal platform for me starting out as a new self-employed consultant. The support at every level has been first class. There is a real team approach here and it’s easy to share ideas and ways of working”.



Peter Hewitt

“I have been working with Tessiant since June 2020. I have been surprised by how open and accessible the senior team is to approach and share ideas etc. The company makes a huge effort to engage with the associates which is not something every consultancy tries to do. It has been an easy organisation to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to people I know.” 

Andrew Bisson

“Tessiant is managed and run by experienced and highly networked professionals, operating at the top end of the consulting pyramid”



Dom Mckenzie

“Tessiant enables clients to focus on what they need to achieve and leaves me to focus on achieving it”.




Invite Only Network

We are an invite only network. To be admitted to the Tessiant network, you need to have worked with, or for, someone already in our network. Please contact Loren Harris detailing who within our network is your proposer.