Putting our clients and associates at the heart of everything we do is in our DNA. Want to hear it from those who have worked with us before? Scroll down and take a look at our testimonials for yourself, to see what your experience with Tessiant could be like.

Ewan Venters, CEO, Fortnum & Mason

“Strategic, insightful and thoughtful. Tessiant instantly saw the opportunities and challenges ahead of us and have gone above and beyond to respond to our strategic challenge. They have swiftly provided us with a set of recommendations, that are actionable, achievable and empathetic to where the organisation is in it’s maturity. Their clarity of thinking, and ability to cut through the noise has been superb. In a very short period of time they have got to the heart of what needs to be done. And always with empathy and care.“

Roger Burnley, CEO, Asda

“Anna’s skill, expertise and experience in delivering transformational change has made a real difference to us as we go through a period of significant change across our business. Her ability to think strategically and then operationalise and communicate plans simply has built strong engagement not only within her own team but beyond. She invests time in developing and building strong teams, creating a high-performance and inclusive culture”

Kevin Adams, Digital & Transformation Director, Cats Protection

“Tessiant have been working closely with our business functions to shape and deliver key transformation projects across the charity. The consultants have landed well with our colleagues and have demonstrated skill and experience in their fields. Tessiant has provided the leadership, expertise and pace we needed, and we look forward to working with them through the rest of our transformation journey”.

Mat Ankers, Transformation Director, Poundland

“We have worked successfully with Tessiant on a range of projects both on cost and proposition development and have found the team and consultants to be excellent. Driven, precise, knowledgeable and outcome focused. The model we have engaged in has been the right fit for our business enabling us to operate as a partnership bringing in capability and capacity that we work alongside to ensure the change is sustainable. With the teams they have put into our business sympathetic to our culture and way of working, good people to work with.”

Kevin Joseph, Head Of Transformation & Delivery, Cigna

“Like most organisations, we’re constantly looking to accelerate our overall business agility by looking at our internal processes, ways of working and organisational culture. To ensure we had an outside in perspective, we leveraged the Tessiant team as a strategic partner. The team bought a pragmatic approach to tackling challenges and we’ve specifically been able to understand our internal gaps and quickly build a strategic roadmap that will accelerate our key business goals. This is work that would have taken significantly longer, and we’ve been able to accelerate in months as a result of the partnership, skills and cross-industry expertise of the Tessiant team”.


Tessiant offers unique reasons for both clients to work with us and for associates to join the exclusive network. We want to work with you.