At a time where the quality of our planet and people is more important than ever, we want to make sure we are doing everything we can as a business to become more sustainable and socially responsible to play our part in helping and impacting society, community, the economy and the environment in a positive light. 96% of businesses are now feeling the pressure to become more sustainable (Garnier, 2021). However, at Tessiant the nature of this has been embedded within our companies DNA and culture from the get-go, through the action of collaboration with clients, associates, partners, employees and other stakeholders, as well as a strong commitment to operating ethically. We love to work and succeed together in all areas.

At Tessiant, being ‘sustainable’ is embedded within our companies DNA and culture

What We Have Done So Far

We are currently engaged in a range of different CSR initiatives, including:

  • Eco-Packaging – for our Associate Welcome Hampers, we package them using recyclable materials. The company that we source them from have a programme in place that for every order purchased, they plant a tree in response.
  • Paperless Working – when it comes to printing and posting materials, we have gone totally paperless and now do everything online through the use of e-signatures.
  • Remote Working – we engage in remote working as a company with associates and team members based all over the UK. Using programmes like the cloud, offic 365 and zoom to manage and execute engagements, whilst saving on transport and office costs.
  • Small & Local – where possible we use small, local and independent businesses to source any materials / resources needed, in attempt to support them and our local economy.
  • Sustainable Practices – we focus our services around the element of sustainability, to strengthen our commitment even further. We want to give clients real business change and transformations, not just in the short term but outcomes that are realistic, long term and sustainable.
  • Public Wellbeing – we aim to contribute towards the welfare and wellbeing of the general public. Throughout the pandemic we hosted various webinars on mental health and working from home for our associate network and partners to offer extra support at such a challenging time.
  • Fundraising – following our virtual christmas party (2020) we donated £570 to Hospitality Action, to support those in a time when their livelihoods have been decimated by Covid (£10 donated for each associate that attended). Recently we teamed up with another local company Greybridge; where we made a vaulable donation to Solihull Academy to cover the cost of 10 laptops for the school, to give the pupils access to resources that will continue to aid their learning.
  • Community Involvement – one of Tessiant’s founders / managing partners Anna Barsby gives back to the wider consulting industry regularly in terms of being on judging panels for Women In Tech & CIO 100, as well as forming a partnership with Warwick Business School to do speaking engagements on consulting and leadership, helping to promote the profession and support young adults careers.
  • Diversity & Inclusion – at the heart of our culture is people and teamwork. It is a culture that presents diversity, inclusivity, equality and respect. These aspects are an integral part to what makes Tessiant. We embrace  people’s differences in hope to foster a culture where everyone has a strong sense of belonging, so they can bring their best selves to every project.
  • No Conflict – we support and encourage employees to share ideas on how we can be more sustainable, ethical and committed to the public. This ensures that our team do not have to work in conflict with their own values and beliefs, by having the opportunity to bring up thoughts at regular internal discussions, in a confident and comfortable way.

Where We Are Heading

In the near future we want to contine to thrive in this area, as we know for not only us but our clients, partners and even associates, an organisation being socially responsible and sustainable is an important feature to how they view a company. 90% of consumers and clients are more likely to trust and be loyal to those businesses that are socially responsible compared to companies that don’t demonstrate any traits of it (Views For Change, 2021).

With this in mind, we are moving towards:

  • BCORP Status – we are currently working towards qualifying to becoming a certified B Corporation (BCORP). This way we can be recognised for our commitment but also ensure continuous focus on considering the impact of our decisions and operations upon workers, clients, associates, partners, competitors, community and the environment.
  • Volunteering – we are currently developing this initiative and looking into different charities that we can work with in our local community (Leamington Spa) as well as where the team and associates live (across the UK) so that our team can give back but allowing them to do so within working hours.

We have implemented consulting excellence into the makeup of our organisation. Fostering a culture that operates ethically and gives a vast amount of professional development opportunities, enabling us to exceed expectations and deliver real and valuable outcomes for clients. Whilst supporting our employees / associates professional journey’s and giving back positively to our local community and wider society. This approach combined is the driving force behind such strong growth and great success since introducing Tessiant in 2020. To find out more about how we demonstrate this as a company, click the button below.