People & Culture

The future of work is changing. There is no one size fits all when it comes to solutions. Every person, every business, every organisation is unique.  We help you design, build and change your organisation, your culture and your employee practices so that they work for you, your people and your brand.

Alex Covey

Alex Covey

Partner - People & Culture

Alex is an engaging and influential HR & OD leader with expertise in developing high-performing cultures and delivery of transformational people change.


Jessica-Leigh Suffolk

Jessica-Leigh Suffolk

Partner - People & Culture

Jessica has a wealth of experience in Business Development & Recruitment and has not looked back since recieving the prestigious ‘Rising Star Award’ at the start of her recruitment career.



What We Offer

HR & OD Strategy

Change is constant, and whether you are undertaking a total business transformation or adapting to context, we can help you take a holistic and strategic view of the HR & Organisational Development strategies required for success.

Organisation Design

From target operating model to organisational structures, we can help you define how the people, capabilities, processes and technology come together in your future way of working, and provide the OD roadmap to navigate the change. 

People & Culture Transformation

A high-performing culture is one that makes your intended results, the most likely result. We help you get under the skin of your organisation, and design cultures that work for your purpose and your people. We provide clear change roadmaps, along with industry professionals experienced in delivering transformational people change.

Board / Senior Team Facilitation & Coaching

Leading is challenging at the best of times, even more so as complexity and change become constant. We create space for leadership teams to step into those challenging situations, to work cohesively, to lead with purpose and to ‘show up’ in a way that reflects who they are.

Employee & Brand Engagement

We help companies find their own voice, bringing their brand to life internally. We start with your purpose, aligning the external and internal brand to create a differentiated employee experience and effective people practices.

Foward Thinking

The future is ours

We are all thinking about the future of our businesses, particularly at this time. We can help you make sense of what this means for the future of your workforce, and how to turn ideas into practical change. Your people are the most powerful asset your business has. Come and chat to us and we will help you realise that potential.



Really know their stuff and brought value right from the start. Managed and led the project in a way in which a coach would, at a strategic level. Built rapport with the senior level team as well as at a tactical level within the business. First class management.”