Following the sale of the business, a plan for a full systems and process migration was required from the current US owners. Tessiant advised and defined on approach, plan and costs, working across Senior Leadership, Business Change, Deployment,
Procurement and Programme Delivery. This is one of the largest retail change programmes anywhere.

The Tessiant team was set up and deployed at pace, with our partner stepping into the role of CIO for 6 months, supporting the new permanent CIO into position, then setting up the significant business change programme. We provided support for the initial 120 day planning phase with technology project delivery, procurement, deployment leads and change experts. For the business change workstream, our team developed the overarching change strategy, capturing people, process and system impacts at the right level to create the change management plan beyond the 120 days. We worked alongside the internal comms team to build central messaging and narrative.

The team delivered significant value across different workstreams, working in partnership within the retailer’s team. The tailored communications, deployment, change strategy and approach was established and embedded within the organisation, alongside stakeholder groups. Future requirements were developed and change impacts for major systems and process migrations were fed into the 120 day planning. We were told ‘we would never have got where we are today without you’.

Tessiants skill, expertise and experience in delivering transformational change has made a real difference to us as we go through a period of significant change across our business. Their ability to think strategically and then operationalise and communicate plans has simply built strong engagement not only within their own team but beyond. They invested time in developing and building strong teams, creating a high-performance and inclusive culture.

– Roger Burnley, CEO.


Skillful and experienced


strategic thinking, strong communication and engagement


created a high-performance and inclusive culture

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