Working alongside national charity to digitise and enhance volunteer experience

Tessiant were asked to help a national charity to select the most appropriate systems to digitise and enhance both their volunteer experience and the employee / volunteer learning experience.

We provided HR and L&D expertise to fully scope the requirements, engaging with multiple stakeholders across the charity and conducting a market assessment of potential providers. We conducted an initial assessment and recommended a short-list of best-fit providers, then provided procurement expertise to develop the documentation of a formal tender process.

We also helped the charity to shape the broader HR & L&D preparations required in order to gain the full benefits of a system implementation and truly transform their volunteer and learner journeys, providing an excellent mix of big picture thinking with solid underlying detail and evidence.

“Tessiant were personable and efficient. They grasped what we needed quickly and gave us insight from the start, setting up meetings and workshops across the organisation and drawing them up into requirements. They were brilliant and brought queries to us that made us think about what we needed to get on top of and what was next. They were excellent at visualisation of data; the way they came back and delivered the information concisely so that we were able to forward it to our teams who understood it without any questions asked because it was easy to analyse what was given back. The one-page weekly update that they circulated around the business was great because in 30 seconds we could read over and understand what we had missed. They were excellent at the detail and giving the bigger picture, they saved us worry and time and did a fantastic job. It was exactly what was asked”.

-HR Director


Personable and efficient


excellent visualisation and delivery of data


excellent at giving the bigger picture

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