DELIVERY PARTNER to create change in customer behaviour

A large parcel carrier was looking to address customers underpaying for its services. Tessiant partner, Alex Ball worked with the Director of Finance and the executive team to shape and mobilise a c.£80m change programme, with projects crossing commercial, operations and technology. This included creation of a robust financial case (agreed at PLC board), the structuring of the governance and team, and mobilisation of the initiative.

Tessiant has since become a delivery partner for this programme, working alongside the internal and other supplier teams to both govern the programme, and lead the delivery of specific projects and initiatives. This ongoing partnership has allowed the client to bring in specific expertise they may not otherwise have and increase capacity beyond what their internal teams could manage. A key difference is how we have used our knowledge of the programme to deploy consultants who culturally fit and have the relevant experience, while ensuring they support each other closely. 

The success of this programme relies on creating change in customer behaviour and embedding new processes into the client organisation. The programme has been a success, we have seen both immediate changes in internal capability, but also the longer-term change in behaviour of customers, resulting in a significant and measurable revenue increase for the organisation. 

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