We embed long lasting change, putting

people at the heart of everything we do.


What We Offer

Organisation development & design

From target operating model to organisational structures, we can help you define how the people, capabilities, processes and technology come together in your future way of working, and provide the OD roadmap to navigate the change. 

people and culture transformation

A high-performing culture is one that makes your intended results, the most likely result. We help you get under the skin of your organisation, and design cultures that work for your purpose and your people. We provide clear change roadmaps, along with industry professionals experienced in delivering transformational people change.


Leading is challenging at the best of times, even more so as complexity and change become constant. We create space for leadership teams to step into those challenging situations, to work cohesively, to lead with purpose and to ‘show up’ in a way that reflects who they are.


We help companies find their own voice, bringing their brand to life internally. We start with your purpose, aligning the external and internal brand to create a differentiated employee experience and effective people practices.

hr & OD strategy

Change is constant, and whether you are undertaking a total business transformation or adapting to context, we can help you take a holistic and strategic view of the HR & Organisational Development strategies required for success.

Change & COMMS Management

We deliver a service to combine timely messages and materials aligned with key milestones, ensuring that your key stakeholders receive consistent information about what is important to them, and provides a mechanism to share feedback and ask questions. Whether you are changing technology, business practices, leadership or a combination of things, change management communication is essential to helping people move from where they are today to the desired ‘future state’.

Client Testimonial

Cigna Insurance

The team brought a pragmatic approach to tackling challenges and we’ve specifically been able to understand our internal gaps and quickly build a strategic roadmap that will accelerate our key business goals. This is work that would have taken significantly longer, and we’ve been able to accelerate in months as a result of the partnership, skills and cross-industry expertise of the Tessiant team