Our Commitment

To create sustained change for our clients, people and communities we need diverse talent and ways of working. We embrace and celebrate each individual person, and their strengths in order to foster a culture that is not only diverse and inclusive, but gives everyone a strong sense of belonging.

This allows our employees to recognise themselves in our company policies and practices regardless of factors like religion, gender, race and disabilities, work in line with their own values and beliefs, and bring their best, true selves to the table at work.

“Being one of the very few female CIO’s as well as being within a small handful of females to have founded a management consultancy, I am passionate about breaking down the barriers on roles that are typically dominated by men. I champion women into the business and industry by proactively promoting the women in tech movement”

-Anna Barsby, Tessiant Managing Partner

3 Targets we are working towards

by 2025

Target 1

Explicity requesting a diverse range of refferals to become part of our network.

Target 2

Championing women to thrive within the workplace and industry.

Target 3

Becoming a more inclusive culture, to achieve success in diversity hiring.