Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed and dedicated to carrying out business in a responsible and sustainable manner. We want to create a strong and positive influence within our Clients, Associates and Employees lives, whilst doing our part to contribute towards a better future for our community and planet.


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Our responsible business strategy identifies 4 key priorities in which we focus our efforts to create positive impact and influence, and work towards a better future. Our culture has a strong essence of team, we support and encourage ideas from our people on how we can be more sustainable, ethical and committed, as well as aiding their personal and professional development. We offer tailored experiences for our clients so we can build capability, maximise value and make the change sustainable long term. We focus on the welfare and wellbeing of the public and our community in which we live and work, as well as the community within the consulting industry. We are always seeking ways to become more sustainable and socially responsible within our day to day operations, to secure a better future for our planet.

CSR Initiatives

The activities we have got involved in to better our community and planet

Hospitality Action

Following our virtual Christmas party, we were able to donate £570 to hospitality action, to support those in a time where their livelihoods had been decimated by Covid-19.

Solihull Academy

We teamed up with local company Greybridge to make a valuable donation to Solihull Academy to cover the cost of 10 laptops for the school.

Retail Trust

Tessiant’ Managing Partner Alex Ball, abseiled the ArcelorMittal Orbit and raised £687 in support of retails front line whose lives were affected by the pandemic.

Warwick Business School

Tessiant’s Managing Partner Anna Barsby is in partnership with WBS, doing speaking engagements on leadership and consulting to promote the profession and support young adults careers.

Great British Spring Clean

The Tessiant team litter picked within the areas we live and work. We picked for 18 miles, improving the environment on our doorstep, eliminating litter, ending waste and creating cleaner places for everyone.

Judging Panels

Tessiant’s Managing Partner Anna Barsby gives back to the wider community and consulting industry as a judge on panels for Women In Tech and CIO 100, as well as being a mentor and coach to current CIO’s and senior leaders.


Acting ethically and sustainably is at the forefront of our business. Whether it’s producing sustainable, realistic outcomes for Clients or taking steps to protect the quality of our planet, it’s at the heart of our business and culture. We adopt and engage in:

  • Remote Working
  • Paperless Working
  • Eco-Packaging


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