The Executive team engaged Tessaint to review the set up and capabilities needed to deliver their change journey and transformation, carrying out an assessment of the current situation and providing advice on the most appropriate model for their organisation. 

One of our Senior Transformation and Change experts carried out many interviews across the organisation, whilst our Senior Recruitment Advisor scoped out the roles identified, producing clear role profiles, conducting a recruitment feasibility study, benchmarking salary data, and providing advice about how best to build the team.  


We followed a 3-step approach: 

Step One: We understood the strategy of the organisation, as well as departmental strategies for each key business area. We did this through discussions with the senior team, reading key documentation, and attending a strategy event. This provided context and helped us to understand the vision, goals and direction of the business. 

 Step Two: Carried out a series of interviews across the business, including Directors, Heads of, Change leads and PMO. This enabled us to understand how change was being delivered today, the current maturity, consistency, ways of working, key roles in place. 

 Step Three:Built up a set of recommendations to realise the opportunities and fill any gaps, designing an appropriate structure, set of roles and best practice for designing, delivering, and embedding change throughout the organisation.  

Alongside this work, the Recruitment Advisor helped to define the skillset required and then produce a full role description for any positions identified (whether existing or not). We conducted a recruitment feasibility study, looking at the likelihood of attracting the right skillset, in the right location, including some data analysis on the numbers of candidates potentially available and target companies. We also benchmarked salaries of any roles identified, giving an accurate salary range to attract the right calibre of candidate. We consulted with the team around any changes required and left them in a position to be able to instruct relevant recruitment partners to bring in the right talent. 

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