We advise and bring pragmatic deep dive industry experience.


What We Offer

Digital strategy

The digital landscape is increasingly complex, and understanding exactly how technology can transform the organisation is often hard. We work with organisations to develop and communicate digital strategy, simplifying complex messages, supported by thorough analysis, market knowledge and sector experience.

Senior Industry Advisors

Bringing together senior advisors with pragmatic industry experience. Getting straight to the heart of the problem and offering innovative solutions based on real world experience.

C-Suite Leadership

Bringing our C-Suite network to assist businesses on a part time, interim or advisory basis.

Deal Coaching

We assist businesses going through a bidding process; enhancing their proposals to deliver successfully to the relevant C-Suite, effecting change and driving business impact.

Due Diligence

Our advisors provide deep dive analysis to Private Equity businesses, reviewing their commercial due diligence to provide real world insight and recommendations.

Strategic roadmap

Developing a full roadmap, aligned to strategic direction, significantly helps an organisation prioritise and schedule investment / activity. We help clients create a unified view connecting strategic ambition with the realities of execution, helping you create a mechanism to prioritise / monitor / control strategic investment, and ensure digital strategy is faithful to wider enterprise strategy.


The introduction of technology change is often accompanied by a requirement for change within the organisation. We can help you define your target operating model, describing how the people, capabilities, processes and technology come together in your future way of working.


A strong case for investment is usually required for major change initiatives. We can help you develop a compelling business case narrative, supported by robust financial modelling and well tested costing figures.

client story


Tessiant Senior Industry Expert acted as an advisor to a US private equity organisation as part of a bid team for a UK Retailer. This particular bid involved highly significant multi-year transformation and technology work as it was key to understanding the investment required in the first 3-5 years.