Change is the act of making someone or something different. It is one of today’s biggest challenges that organisations have to face. With the business landscape changing constantly, with both external and internal factors coming into play, it is crucial that organisations keep up and transform in alignment. Successful change and transformation is essential for organisations to be able to create high-performing cultures and accelerate their growth. However, the ability to change, at both pace and scale, is easier said than done. Here are our top 3 factors that instil successful change and transformation within any organisation.

While strategy and culture will shape change, leadership is the key ingredient to implementation. A change proclaimed by the executive, but with little buy in from the leadership below, will almost certainly fail. This can take time, effort and patience, particularly in well established organisations.

-Alex Ball, Tessiant Founder & Managing Partner

We asked our followers “What do you think is the most important factor to consider to achieve sucessful change and transformation within an organisation?” Here is what they voted:


People & Culture




Clear Vision & Strategy

Factor 1 – People & Culture

Accounting for the people of the organisation is essential. Employees are a key asset of any organisation and therefore must be prioritised. Change and transformation within an organisation is impossible to achieve unless the people are active supporters, on board and willing to help contribute towards making it a success. Individuals find it hard to accept change at the best of times both in their personal and professional lives and organisations can sometimes massively underestimate how hard it can be to get people to embrace change. Therefore continuous communications and explanations to give them a deeper understanding throughout the process plays a huge role. Communicating to employees what is going to happen, why it is happening, the purpose of it and most importantly how it is going to affect them and their role. This way they feel more actively involved and not disregarded, allowing them to support the change.

We believe having the right team is the best way to approach any change or transformation within an organisation. At Tessiant we build teams based upon the organisation’s needs through finding the right skill sets, experience and expertise to meet them. In order to be able to produce great outcomes and deliver the change promised. We take the approach to match our resources / teams¬† to our clients style, people, culture and way of working. Aligning with their people and culture enables us to easily work alongside them and build capability, as one joint impactful project team.

Factor 2 – Leadership

Leadership, an element that is at the core of any organisation. When it comes to change, who leads it and how they go about it plays a huge part in whether the implementation and change is succesful. Productive and proactive change is not easy, it doesn’t happen on its own and certainly doesn’t happen overnight. A leader is needed to guide the process and see it through, whilst optimising the working culture and driving the business growth simultaneously.

What type of leader makes this work? A leader that can communicate the what’s and the why’s, it’s purpose and how the change aligns with the organisations values and overall goals. One that can collaborate, by bringing people together to engage, plan, decision-make and execute the change. And finally, commitment to devoting time and effort to the change. Embracing and adapting to any challenges they come across throughout, rather than giving up at the first hurdle. Focusing on the future desired state of the organisation. When leaders possess the capabilities to be able to do this, an organisation and it’s people can drive the change forward, as well as sustain the outcomes in the long term.

Factor 3 – Clear Vision & Strategy

Having a clear vision in place gives you an insight to your reason why. Why is this change necessary, what it’s purpose and what will this do for us as an organisation in the near future? Aligning your vision with your overall goals gives you a clear indicator of what you are working towards, with a strategy alongside it to bring the vision to life. Without having a vision, a plan and strategy is pointless. The change and transformation just becomes a list of meaningless tasks, responsibilities and projects that need to be carried out, but end up going nowhere, since there is no drive and nothing to strive for, therefore simply gets lost along the way. Looking forwards towards the future, and thinking of the bigger picture, also demonstrates the direction in which the organisation is moving. As well as helping to boost motivation and morale amongst teams and employees. At Tessiant we work with our clients collaboratively to come up with a clear vision and goals alongside a strategy of how we are going to move the organisation from the present to the future desired state.

So, Which Factor Is The Priority?

It is evident that the 3 factors all hold a different degree of importance in their own right. They all contribute and integrate together as one towards making a change successful, you can’t have one factor without the other. For example, in order to create change successfully you need strong leadership at the top, who will involve people and develop the right culture through creating a clear vision and devising a well thought out strategy. Which factor holds that top priority spot, and leads the direction of the change and transformation, will purely come down to where the organisation is, at that moment in time. They may have a team of great people, with a great leader at the head, but their vision and strategy lacks direction, and their culture isn’t strong enough to be able to execute the change, and make it effective and sustainable.

How Can We Help You Achieve Successful Change?

At Tessiant we have completed over 39 projects within our first 18 months, all involving change and transformation across varying industries. Our Senior Board Advisors & exclusive Associate Network, all have deep industry expertise and experience in change and transformation alongside their own unique specialisms. We can help your organisation thrive during change and implement it throughout your organisation, aligning it with you, your people and your culture, both now and in the future. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.