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who are we?


Tessiant is a management consultancy, focusing on business transformation and business change. We combine the best aspects of management consultancy and recruitment.

From consultancy, the ability to offer clients in depth experience and scale, projects managed to an outcome and removing the need for clients to directly manage staff. From recruitment, the ability to tap into a wider pool of experienced resources.

We have a large (200+) invite only network of trusted, highly skilled consultants. We work alongside clients offering them scalable consultancy services at a competitive price point.


Client Testimonials


“We leveraged the Tessiant team as a strategic partner. The team bought a pragmatic approach to tackling challenges & we’ve specifically been able to understand our internal gaps and quickly build a strategic roadmap that will accelerate our key business goals. We’ve been able to accelerate in months, as a result of the partnership, skills and cross-industry expertise of the Tessiant team”.

Fortnum & Mason

“Strategic, insightful and thoughtful. Tessiant instantly saw the opportunities and challenges ahead of us and have gone above and beyond to respond to our strategic challenge. Their clarity of thinking, and ability to cut through the noise has been superb and in a very short period of time they have got to the heart of what needs to be done. & always with empathy and care”.

Associate Testimonials

Kate Spencer

“Tessiant has been the ideal platform for me starting out as a new self-employed consultant. The support at every level has been first class. There is a real team approach here and it’s easy to share ideas and ways of working”.



Peter Hewitt

“I have been working with Tessiant since June 2020. I have been surprised by how open and accessible the senior team is to approach and share ideas etc. The company makes a huge effort to engage with the associates which is not something every consultancy tries to do. It has been an easy organisation to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to people I know.” 

Invite Only Network

To be admitted to the Tessiant network, you need to have worked with, or for, someone already in our network. Please send us an email detailing who within our network is your proposer.


Tessiant offers unique reasons for both clients to work with us and for associates to join the exclusive network. We want to work with you.